Building enclosure rehabilitation project update

Dear residents and owners:

Please be advised that work relative to the building enclosure rehabilitation of Pacific Point 2 is substantially complete as of June 30th, 2022.

The scope of recommended enclosure rehabilitation work for this building was provided in the following documents:

• Building Enclosure Condition Assessment Report, prepared by RDH Building Science Inc. dated January 17th, 2019
• Design Report Presentation, prepared by RDH Building Science Inc dated September 18th, 2019

Based on the recommended scope of work and Owner input, a set of construction documents was created that define the exact scope of the rehabilitation of the building enclosure components and is contained within the following documents:

• Construction Documents, prepared by RDH Building Science Inc., dated August 19th, 2020
• Supplementary Instructions 1 through 43, prepared during the construction phase with various dates.

The work at 1323 Homer Street, was comprised of a comprehensive rehabilitation including:

Building Enclosure
• Erect scaffold around the perimeter of the building.
• Demolish the existing vertical and horizontal assemblies and remove off site.
This includes EIFS wall assemblies.
• Reframe steel stud walls as required to accommodate rain screen walls, and structurally upgrade perimeter of windows as necessary to accommodate new high-performance fibreglass windows and doors.
• Repair of deteriorated stud framing as required.
• Install new sheathing and vertical wall membrane.
• Install new external girts, fiberglass spacers, and insulation.
• Install new ventilation hood vents.
• Replace existing windows and doors with new fibreglass windows and doors.
• Install new rain screened stucco cladding to the walls. In limited areas, install a
drained EIFS cladding.
• Repair, clean and repaint soffit and retained concrete wall areas primarily at grade level.
• Remove and replace glazing in existing steel framed canopies at grade level and Level 22. Paint steel frames.
• Supply and install new associated flashings and sealant as required at interfaces.
• Upgrade existing fall arrest system at roof top gazebos and main roof level in
specific locations on the south and north elevation.

Decks/Roofs Over Living Space – With Pavers/Gravel, On Concrete Substrate
• Remove and dispose of deck assembly. Retain existing gravel for reuse.
• Remove and dispose of deck guardrails.
• Remove existing fall arrest anchors for reuse.
• Remove and dispose skylights.
• Existing drains to be renewed.
• Install new 2-ply SBS membrane waterproofing membrane to all exposed podium
concrete surfaces, including base of wall transition zones.
• Install new drain mat, complete with filter fabric.
• Install new rigid insulation.
• Install new pavers and pedestals. For roofs with gravel ballast, reinstate original gravel.
• Install base of exterior wall cladding, flashings and rainscreen wall assembly accessories per exterior building enclosure specifications. Install new flashings and base of wall components.
• Replace existing deck guardrails, including glass panels and accessories.
• Supply and install new skylights including two skylights at the main roof level.
• Reinstate fall arrest anchors.
• Reuse the existing divider walls with improved flashing detailing.

Exposed Metal Roofs
• Demolish existing metal roofs (except main pyramid roof) and remove off site. Repaint retained pyramid roof.
• Install new sheathing and water resisting underlayment.
• Install new insulation with fiberglass spacers and metal girts.
• Install new standing seam metal roofs with flashings and gutters

RDH Building Science Inc.

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