Fob audit extended to June 27

Dear Owners and Residents:

Please be informed that the fob audit deadline is extended to 4:00 pm on June 27, 2022.


Residents/Owners must present their FOBS for verification to the Concierge in person during regular concierge hours. Please complete the attached Fob Audit Form accordingly. 

In addition, the following must be brought to the Concierge:

  • A filled out Fob and Strata Lot Information Form (see attached);
  • Valid government picture ID for concierge to verify against owner registry;
  • For renters only, a letter from the owner of the Strata Lot authorizing the renter to complete the audit, or a copy of the tenant information form (Form K).

If you have any questions, please contact the Strata Manager. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Bryan Chen
Strata Manager
Strata Plan VR2540-2

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Your PP2 Residential Committee

PP2 President until June 2, 2022.

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