Exterior Renovations – High Level Update

Dear residents and tenants,

We will strive to provide monthly updates on the status of the exterior renovations. This is a high-level update pulled from a site status report provided by RDH Building Science. Please note that we will continue to provide specific notices to units when RDH requires access.

Phase 1 (Units “05”, “06”, “07” and “08”)
Final colour coat: 99% complete. Need to complete roof and penthouse (PH) areas. Sealant: 95% complete. Need to complete at roof, PH and scaffold areas,
Window deficiencies: On-going for interior deficiencies. Exterior deficiencies complete.
Miscellaneous: Remaining work on PH and base of building. Lower floor finishing work is affected by beams and require removal to complete.
Scaffold removal: Down to Level 3.

Phase 2 (Units “01”, “02”, “03” and “04”)
Window install: Complete except for unit 301 and swimming pool area.
Roofing: Level 3 – 95% complete.
Stucco framing: Complete.
Stucco scratch coat: Complete from L6 to L28
Stucco colour coat: Complete up to Level 16
Caulking: Installed up to Level 16.
Miscellaneous: Stucco scratch coat installed on elevator core. River rock being replaced on elevator core roof. Metal roofs are being installed on PH. Lower floor finishing work is affected by beams and require removal to complete.
General completion: Aiming for April 2022.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Cam Carruthers by email to: cam.carruthers@fsresidential.com.

Your anticipated cooperation is appreciated.

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