Pacific Point 2 Building Security

Dear Residents,

A rash of security incidents in the last week has prompted your Residential Committee to meet and review our current security, which included overnight security patrols and additional physical security. We have also approached the Vancouver Police Department and security firms for advice. In the meantime, we ask that all residents take building security seriously and help keep us all safe.

Owners and residents should be aware of the following overnight incidents:

  • Multiple attempts at breaching the mezzanine door from the alley, including physically prying and cutting at the physical door.
  • Two security cameras were stolen from the rear of the building from secure mounting points.
  • Intruders have accessed the scaffolding and gained entry into the building. This has resulted in Residents being physically threatened, property damage, and theft of goods as a direct result.
  • Multiple successful attempts to enter through the parking gates, some resulting in physical damage to our building and break-ins of parked cars.
  • Residents entering and drinking beer on scaffolding.

Due to the recent severity and frequency of these events, we ask residents to be conscious of the following, in order to help with our situation:

  • Do not allow strangers to enter the building when opening the doors. Residents are reminded that they are responsible for anyone who enters on their tap.   
  • Please ensure that both parking gates are closed behind you before proceeding. This includes the gate between visitor and resident parking. As per our rules, residents are reminded to ensure that they are the sole user of the gate and that each vehicle should engage the gate on their own. 
  • No one is allowed on the scaffolding as it is an active construction site. The safety implications could shut down the site.
  • Call 911 if witnessing suspicious activity; notifying FirstService Residential comes after alerting the police.
  • Item deliveries should be collected within 24 hours. Large items need to be collected ASAP, as they cannot be secured. It is each resident’s responsibility to collect their items; the Strata holds no responsibility for items left uncollected.   
  • We are looking for volunteers for Block Watch and the Pacific Point 2 security committee. If you have expertise or a desire to help, we kindly ask you attend the next Residential Committee meeting or send a quick email to
  • Security is everyone’s responsibility – do not assume someone else has called in. If you see something suspicious, report it! 

In addition, to minimize the likelihood of intruders walking into the lobby when the door is left open, your Residential Committee has decided to disable the automatic door opening feature from all fobs except for those registered as handicapped. 

  • Fob disabling is expected to happen within the next couple of weeks.
  • Non-handicap resident requests to have the automatic door opening feature activated on their fobs will be accepted sometime in the new year. Notices will be circulated when we feel it is safe to do so.

Thank you for your consideration.

Pacific Point 2 Residential Committee

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