Please consider your neighbours

We have 214 units in our building and a limited number of recycling bins. We ask all residents to please follow these basic guidelines:

  • All corrugated cardboard should be flattened and placed in the designated bin in the lane by the loading dock.
  • Flatten all other paper or light cardboard packaging.
  • Leave no garbage in the recycling room.
    • There is a locked garbage bin in the lane. Ask the concierge to open for the disposal of small pieces of non-recyclable garbage.
    • Your Strata pays for a large bin every spring for our annual disposal of larger items.
  • Paper contaminated with grease, oil, etc. is not recyclable. Put only clean paper in the bins.
  • Sort all recyclables and place in the appropriate bins. Posters on the walls above the bins explain what goes where.
  • All containers placed in recycling bins should be reasonably clean (no food, sauces, etc. inside).
  • Put only organic materials in the bins for compostables. No plastic bags, please!

Again, please be considerate of your neighbours and help to keep our recycling room clean and with enough space in the bins for everyone to use.

We hate to have to repeat this, but you can be fined for not following these basic guidelines.

Published by

Your PP2 Residential Committee

PP2 President until June 2, 2022.

2 thoughts on “Please consider your neighbours”

  1. There also appears to be a lot of wear and tear in the common areas such as the main lobby, mezzanine and elevator lobbies. Are there plans to repair and paint these areas after the construction is finished?


    1. Though your Residential Committee does perform ongoing building maintenance in response to our monthly quality assurance reports, the construction project has added a layer of complexity. So, yes, we do expect that the building will require additional paint and repair once our remediation project is completed.


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