EV Charging at PP2

Electric vehicle charging wherever you are | FLO

As many of you have probably noticed, we have two FLO Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations in visitor parking, at stalls 327 and 328.

1The first step to connecting to one of these stations is getting a FLO account and downloading the FLO app to your cell phone (see https://www.flo.com/en-CA/drivers/condos-apartments/).

2Next, provide your name, unit number, your FLO account number, as well as your vehicle’s make and model, colour, and license plate number (and Province) to our concierge.

3Once you have confirmation from the concierge that you have been registered in our system, open your FLO app and click on the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen.

4Type in station number AAB-10827 for stall #327, then click on the return key.

5Click on Favorite to add the station to your My Stations list.

Repeat steps 4 & 5 with station number AAB-10852 for stall #328.

6Once registered, you can access these stations by clicking the Menu icon at the top of screen,

then clicking on My Stations to open your list of available stations.

7Click on the station from which you wish to initiate a charge: either AAB-10852 for stall 328, or AAB-10827 for stall 327.

8Click on Start session, and the selected station should begin charging your vehicle.

Once you are set up, you can charge any weekday, except as laid out in the rules below. Your FLO account will be debited two dollars ($2) for every hour of vehicle charging. Once your vehicle is fully charged, debiting stops.

No charging on weekends from 7pm Friday to 7am Monday;

no charging on BC holidays, from 7pm the evening before to 7am the following morning.

BC Holidays

New Year’s Day          January 1
Family Day                  3rd Monday of February
Good Friday                March/April, date varies
Victoria Day                Last Monday preceding May 25
Canada Day                July 1
British Columbia Day 1st Monday of August
Labour Day                1st Monday of September
Thanksgiving              2nd Monday of October
Armistice Day              November 11
Christmas Day            December 25.

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