What if we don’t want screens?

Some residents have been asking for photos of the new bug screens, and wondering if they can decline screens for their new windows.

As per our contract with Cascadia, they will deliver screens with all windows. If individual owners do not want their screens, they can of course remove them.

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4 thoughts on “What if we don’t want screens?”

    1. The screen frames are white. The blog post has been updated to include a separate photo of just the screens.


  1. There’s an area above the hand cranks used open the windows that is just open air. It isn’t covered by screen, and the black rubber is too high. Seems this open air would make the screens kinda useless for bugs… is this a deficiency, or is that the way it’s supposed to sit in the window frame?


    1. Thanks Chris. RDH examined the screens in our suite and reported that the gap is required to clear the crank when installing/removing the screens. They are working on a fix (perhaps self-adhesive weather stripping just behind the crank). We’ll advise when we know more.


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