Dear Owners,

Please note that we have discovered that our original blinds will require trimming to fit the new windows, and that improper blind mounting can void the window warranty and potentially puncture the new building rainscreen membrane.

Because of this, your Residential Committee is requiring that:
• all blinds be installed by one of two approved contractors who have been instructed by RDH and Cascadia on proper installation (refer to Appendix B: PP2 Approved Contractors, below), or
• a request be submitted to the PP2 Residential Committee for approval to self-install or to hire another contractor. (Approval will require the owner to sign an indemnity agreement and to agree to an inspection after the blinds have been installed, to ensure they do not compromise the building’s rainscreen or window warranty.)

Sometime after the end of our remediation project, probably in early 2022, all units
should have had their blinds reinstalled in compliance with Rule 8 (a). Failure to have blinds installed by one of the approved contractors, or to submit a request for
installation approval, by mid-2022 may result in fines.

Please also note that the top of the new window frames will not be finished where they will be covered by the blinds.

PP2 Bylaws & Rules: Window Treatment

  1. Window repair and maintenance is a responsibility of the strata per Bylaw 8 (b).
  2. Blinds are fixtures and must be repaired and maintained by each Owner. However, alterations to fixtures require strata approval per Bylaw 5 (1)(g).
  3. Owners must follow General Rule 8 (a), which prohibits changing window treatments visible from the exterior of the building (so window coverings are uniform).
  4. Per Bylaw 5 (3), those parts of a strata lot which the strata corporation must insure must not be damaged. This includes window treatments. In the event of a contravention of this Bylaw, Strata reserves the right to remedy at the owner’s cost.

    Envelope Remediation Project: Blind Removal and Installation Policy

    In order to complete the envelope remediation project efficiently and in compliance with our Bylaws and Rules, the PP2 Residential Committee has adopted the following positions with respect to blind removal and reinstallation within each strata lot.
    1. As part of the PP2 Envelope Remediation project, every window will be replaced requiring advance removal of blinds and provision of 4 feet of clearance from each window prior to work commencing in each unit.
    2. Each Owner is responsible for removing existing blinds and providing clearance at their own expense.
    3. Each Owner will be given a minimum 48h notice of entry to the unit for the window replacement per Bylaw 7 (1)(b).
    4. Owners may remove the blinds themselves or hire a contractor to do the work.
    5. Owners who fail to remove their blinds and/or provide clearance will be subject to chargebacks for any additional costs incurred by the strata. Causing a delay in the construction schedule can cost the strata an additional $3,500 per day.
    6. The PP2 Residential Committee does not take any responsibility for the removal of blinds.
    7. Two contractors have demonstrated to the PP2 Residential Committee that they are capable of removing existing blinds. Owners may arrange directly with the contractors for this service. (refer to Appendix B: PP2 Approved Contractors)
    8. Upon completion of the window replacement and interior repairs, each Owner is responsible for reinstalling their blinds. Blinds and mounting hardware may need to be trimmed to fit in the new window dimensions.
    9. Each Owner is responsible for reinstalling blinds at their own expense.
    10. Owners must ensure that blinds maintain the same exterior appearance as prior to the remediation project per General Rule 8(a).
    11. Owners may choose to have their blinds replaced and/or resized, but not installed, by their own contractors.
    12. Only contractors approved by the PP2 Residential Committee may re-attach blinds to the building per Bylaw 5(1)(d). This is important to avoid voiding the new window and rainscreen warranties.
    13. Owners whose blinds have not been remounted or whose window
    treatments fail to conform to General Rule 8(a) may be subject to fines once
    the scaffolding has been removed at the end of the remediation project.
    14 The PP2 Residential Committee does not take any responsibility for the reinstallation of blinds.
    15. Two contractors have demonstrated to the PP2 Residential Committee that they are capable of reattaching the blinds without voiding the warranties and will not require written approval. (Please refer to Appendix B: PP2 Approved Contractors).

    Appendix A: PP2 Residential Bylaws and Rules
    Bylaw 3

    (2) An owner, tenant, occupant or visitor must not cause damage, other
    than reasonable wear and tear, to the common property, common
    assets or those parts of a strata lot which the strata corporation must
    repair and maintain under these bylaws or insure under section 149 of
    the Act.

    Bylaw 5
    Obtain approval before altering a strata lot

    5 (1) An owner must obtain the written approval of the strata
    corporation before making an alteration to a strata lot that involves any
    of the following: […]
    (d) doors, windows or skylights on the exterior of a building, or that front on the common property […]
    (g) those parts of the strata lot which the strata corporation must insure under section 149 of the Act.

    Bylaw 7
    Permit entry to strata lot

    7 (1) An owner, tenant, occupant or visitor must allow a person authorized by the strata corporation to enter the strata lot […]
    (b) at a reasonable time, on 48 hours’ written notice, to inspect, repair or maintain common property, common assets and any portions of a strata lot that are the responsibility of the strata corporation to repair and maintain under these bylaws …

    Bylaw 8
    Repair and maintenance of property by strata corporation

    8 Except to the extent that such matters are the responsibility of a separate section, as set forth in Section 34, the strata corporation must repair and maintain all of the following:
    (a) common assets of the strata corporation;
    (b) common property that has not been designated as limited common property;
    (c) limited common property, but the duty to repair and maintain it is restricted to
    (i) repair and maintenance that in the ordinary course of events occurs less often than once a year, and
    (ii) the following, no matter how often the repair or maintenance ordinarily occurs:
    (d) doors, windows and skylights on the exterior of a building or that front on the common property…

    General Rule 8(a)
    8 Exterior Appearance:

    (a) No resident shall change the current window treatments that are
    visible from the exterior of the building.

Appendix B: PP2 Approved Contractors

• Cityscape Maintenance Services
Contact: Tony Dohaniuk, (778) 385-1976
• JJK Developments
Contact: Jason Kump,

Draft Rates

JJK Developments Inc.
For all requests, please email
• Owners are responsible for taking down their own existing blinds and header boxes.
• Owners will be invoiced individually by JJK for the following blind work:
• Blinds and header boxes taken off site to be cut down by 3rd party company
• Blinds and header boxes brought back to site
• Blinds and header boxes installed at original locations
• Total cost per Blind
o Floor to ceiling; $120.00 plus extras if needed
o Punch window; $100.00 plus extras if needed
o Extra Costs:
▪ Original blind location not noted: $25 per blind
▪ Blind location marked, but for wrong window opening: $25 per blind

NOTE: Because the blinds were removed by a third party and not JJK, JJK Dev will not be responsible for damage, broken or not operating blinds in any way. JJK Dev Inc will not be responsible for missing parts, damaged or scratched products.

JJK may be able to repair blinds on a Time and Material basis:
• Material cost 0%+ 10%
• Labour Rate @ $ 50.00 p/hr +GST for Lead hands and Supervisors
• Labour Rate @ $ 38.50 p/hr +GST for other workers
• Delivery of materials may be subjected to a fuel surcharge of $20.00 per load
For all requests, please email

Cityscape Maintenance Services
Tony Dohaniuk of Cityscape Maintenance and Rhonda Holman of AvantGarde Designs are offering:
• 2-3 week turnaround time for Custom Roller Blinds and Custom
Retrofitted Blinds
• 2 weeks for Retrofitting Existing Blinds.
All pricing below is subject to 5% GST.

Retrofitting Existing Blinds
• Cut down and Install existing blinds, Re: fabric, fascia and bottom hem bar. Using all original components and adding a new safety device.
$93 per blind
• Some blinds may require new clutch and plastic chain to accommodate safety device.
$32 per Blind.

Custom Retrofitting
If a client wants to freshen up the existing blinds without paying for all new components we can use their existing brackets, fascia and bottom bar. We will put on new fabric, replace the clutch with a new plastic chain and safety device.
$378 per Blind Installed

Custom Roller Blinds
Custom Blackout, 1%, or 5% roller blind, white fabric with white fascia
• Floor to Ceiling Blind: $502 per blind
• Window Blind: $409 per blind
• All Blackout Blinds: $478 per blind

Side Channel Add On
In order to create a room darkening situation we can install side channels to the Black Out Blinds. This eliminates the light gap coming from the sides of the windows.
$206 installed.

Custom Motorization Add On
We use a high-quality rechargeable motor to eliminate operating chains. There are many options available in regards to Integrating with home automation systems. Client can operate blinds from anywhere in the world as long as they have Wi-Fi. Client can also set scenes.
• Somfy Rechargeable Motor. $400 per blind
• Charger $43
• Extension charging cord $19
• Home automation system $398
• Multi channel remote $275

For all appointments please contact:
Rhonda at or (604) 315-8558 or Tony (778) 385-1976

Your continued cooperation is appreciated.

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PP2 President until June 2, 2022.

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