Dear Residents and Tenants:

We will be providing updates every second week on the status of the exterior renovations. This is a high-level update and pulled from a site status report dated April 8, 2021. Please note that contractors will continue to provide specific notices to units when they need access.

Phase 1 (Units “05”, “06”, “07” and “08”)
Demolition: 98% Complete
Roofing: Level 4 and Level 22 (ongoing)
Steel Studs: Complete up to Level 20
Sheathing: Complete up to Level 21
Peel & Stick: Complete up to Level 17
Window Install: Currently Level 14
Stucco: Mock-ups Ongoing

Phase 2 (Units “01”, “02”, “03” and “04”)
Demolition: 90% Complete
Steel Studs: Level 2 and 3 – Structural Upgrades Ongoing
Drywall finishing is currently running five to six weeks behind window installation and is expected to speed up over time.

REMINDER: Blinds must be taken down before the window installation and, due to window warranty, not reinstalled by anyone other than a strata approved installer. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Cam Carruthers at 604-648-4443 or by email to: cam.carruthers@fsresidential.com.

Your anticipated cooperation is appreciated.

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Your PP2 Residential Committee

PP2 President until June 2, 2022.

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