The window replacement project is well underway. It is being done in two phases.

Currently the windows for Phase 1, which includes the “05”, “06”, “07” and “08” units, are being replaced.

As of the first week of March, work is being done on the 7th floor. Contractors anticipate moving up one floor each week. In preparation, please determine if you can remove your blinds yourself or if you need assistance. Cityscape Maintenance Services (Tony Dohaniuk) can assist with the removal of your window blinds for a fee. Tony can be reached at 778.385.1976 or by filling out this form:

Blinds should only be reinstalled by an approved contractor or with Strata approval. There is a rainscreen membrane behind the window header. Improper blind installation can puncture the membrane and/or invalidate the window warranty.

Once Phase 2 for window replacement is underway, which includes “01”, “02”, “03” and “04” units, updates and notices will be circulated.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Cam Carruthers at 604-648-4443 or by email to

Your continued cooperation is appreciated.

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