Building envelope restoration finishing carpentry work

Dear owners and residents:

Under authority of Strata Plan VR2540-2, RDH Building Engineering Ltd. will require access to all units in order to complete interior finishing around windows and doors after the new windows have been installed.

Drywall and various other processes will require time to dry. Because of these waiting periods, the trades will be working on and off in your unit over a period of three (3) to four (4) days.

The interior finishing contractor will keep you informed. There is the possibility that there will be further drywall damage as the exterior stucco work is going on. The interior finishing contractor will come back through all units when RDH is confident there will be no further drywall damage. Until then you should not do any final wall painting.

Please note the following important information:
• It is the Owner’s / Resident’s responsibility to move furniture clear of the windows.
• It is the Owner’s / Resident’s responsibility to remove all window coverings and hardware. This should have been done prior to the window replacement.
• Existing or new window coverings and hardware should only be installed by a Strata approved contractor (details to follow).
• The dust levels will not be as extensive as before when the windows were installed, but you may still want to cover up anything you are concerned about.
• Holes must not be drilled into new glazing units to attach window coverings, as this will void the warranty.
• Please note crews will require access to the kitchen sink for water to mix into the drywall compound and for tool clean-up.

If you cannot be around to provide access, please contact Head Concierge Enrique at 604-230-5923 and leave a key with him so he can provide access. Please direct all other questions to Cam Carruthers at or by calling 604-648-4443.

Your anticipated cooperation is appreciated.

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Your PP2 Residential Committee

PP2 President until June 2, 2022.

4 thoughts on “Building envelope restoration finishing carpentry work”

  1. When are we going to have a schedule for replacement of the mock-up windows as you did two months ago for 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors?.

    It will allow us to plan, coordinate, prevent and facilitate all the activities as required above.
    Thank you


  2. What would be helpful is if the project can provide the residents with detailed updates.
    How many floors still need to be rain screened on the Homer and Drake sides of the building?
    Which floors have had the exterior clad material removed? How many to go?
    How many units have completed their window replacement. etc.


    1. Your Residential Committee is meeting with RDH on February 25 to discuss scheduling and other issues. We will post updates as we have more information.


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