Would you like opaque blinds?

You may have noticed that window replacement has begun on the lobby side of the building. In preparation for the reinstallation of blinds after remediation, your Strata Council posted details and options in the post, When must owners take down their blinds?

Please note that our Bylaws require written approval before making alterations to the exterior appearance of our building, including window treatments.

That being said, owners are now presented with an opportunity to replace their semi-transparent blinds with opaque ones if desired. Samples have been left with the concierge and will be posted on the bulletin board in the mailroom.

We remind you that, because window treatments are within the strata lots, the taking down, re-installation, and any modification of (or improvement to) a unit’s window treatments are the responsibility of each strata owner, and at the owner’s expense.

For all the details, again, go to https://pacpoint2.wordpress.com/2020/09/19/when-must-owners-take-down-their-blinds/.

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