PP2 Residential Committee AGM Candidates

Your Annual General Meeting is Wednesday, May 26, 2021. The AGM includes the election of your Residential Committee.

You can choose up to six candidates. Below are bios of the six candidates.

Guy Dugas, President & Treasurer

I have been pleased to serve on PP2’s Council since 2018, and as your President and Treasurer for the past year. Retirement has allowed me to devote much time to PP2, especially in this challenging period of envelope remediation, litigation, and pandemic. I cannot express how thankful I am as an owner to share that responsibility with our other committed and capable committee members, three of whom are original Council members. Because I strongly believe that we need continuity in the coming year, I hope you will re-elect the entire committee.

I retired in 2013 as the Chair of Accounting & Computer Education at Red River College (RRC) in Winnipeg. Over the years I have served on a number of boards, including RRC’s Board of Governors, the Centre for Education and Work, Inc.(Manitoba), the Manitoba Research Institute, and South Winnipeg Child & Family Services. 

Daria Wojnarski, Vice President

As a current member of the Pacific Point II Residential Committee, I wish to stand again for the upcoming fiscal year. As all owners are aware, we are in the midst of a massive building envelope repair. I, along with other members of the committee, have spent many hours reviewing legal and engineering reports, emails and letters. It has been a big time commitment, but I wish to stay on the committee to see the project through to its completion.

It has been a pleasure to work with the other members of the committee, all of whom are dedicated and respectful of each other, allowing us to work together with a spirit of cooperation. I’m committed to protecting the investment and interests of all the owners, including maintaining the common property, managing the finances, and creating policies that promote harmony between residents and owners.

Professionally, I have a journalism degree and work in communications and media relations for the Vancouver Park Board.

Joyale Manuel, Secretary

I joined the Council in 2018, and have been pleased to serve as Secretary this past year. Like the others on the committee, I strongly believe that we need continuity in the coming year to effectively deal with the challenges of a major building remediation project during a global pandemic. That is why I am asking for your support as I stand for another year.

I have over twenty-five years experience in customer service and have managed teams of up to thirty people. Council has reviewed a lot of information in making its decisions over the past year. With the guidance and expertise that the original members have contributed to the newer members such as myself, the Owners have benefited from Council volunteers that work well together and will continue to have the owners’ best interests in mind. 

Alvin Wong, Co-Treasurer

It has been my pleasure to have been a committee member for Strata Corp VR2540 or Pacific Point II. As a committee member for the last several years it has been a pleasure to use my knowledge in insurance, finance and construction to help this committee find good solutions to complex problems. Previously as the treasurer and co-treasurer, I have assisted the committee in preparing the draft budget and helping to ensure that our operating funds fulfill our needs in the long term. 

Professionally, I hold CPA, CGA, and CRM designations, and have been involved in multiple key industries as an analyst and underwriter, which has afforded me training in insurance, construction, financial processes, and financial system stabilization. I look forward to standing again for a position in the committee in order to continue, and hopefully see to fruition, the result of multiple years of work that I and others on the committee have worked hard to initiate. I thank everyone for their support of both myself and the others that volunteer to this committee and hope everyone recognizes the effort and amount of time that each and everyone is committing too, or have committed in the past.

Greg Frey

I am an Original Owner and have been an elected committee member since the first AGM in 2013. I have continued to focus on the building remediation, deficiency reports, warranty claims, as well as the legal proceedings. The current residential committee has been a great team and has worked well together over the past year to address the many issues facing the building as well as planning for the future.

I hope to retain the support of the PP2 Owners for the coming year as there are many ongoing initiatives related that need detailed attention and continuity. These deficiency and legal issues are a long-term game and we need to keep the pressure on the responsible parties to ensure we receive some compensation. The current PP2 residential committee has worked hard as a team and I would ask for your support for it to continue as a whole. I have been working for the past decade as an International Sales Director and previously as a Sales Engineer. I have a degree in Engineering Physics from UBC and enjoy travelling and diving in my personal time.

Jaime Woo

One of the original owners, it has been an honour for me to serve on this Council team since its founding in 2013, and for five of those years as President. That history and knowledge of our building will bring much needed continuity as we move forward. I commit my full support to the committee as we face significant challenges with our envelope rejuvenation and other on-going maintenance projects. I remain passionate about maintaining and increasing our property value, providing transparency in communication, and closely monitoring expenditures. 

Professionally, I have worked as a project manager for over 18 years, specializing in organizational process improvements and change management. 

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PP2 President until June 2, 2022.

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