Additional parkade shoring required

RDH has completed the review of the shoring requirements for the area below the parkade entry and the lane way loading bay/garbage bin area which is last area that needed to be reviewed for affects on the parkade. 

P1 shoring should not adversely affect any additional stalls. On P2, a number stalls will be affected but will remain usable, with most of the shores on the lines between stalls.  However, there will need to be two car stalls put out of service for the duration of the  project, one on P2 and one on P3.  See the two images below for where shoring installed on P1 and P2. 

The stall numbers that are affected are listed below.    There are paint markings on P1 and P2 floor slabs for where the shores are going.  The number of shores depends on the loading requirement.  They will be clustered together whenever possible. 

The P1 level shores will go in later next week and the P2 and P3 shores will go in the following week.  We are waiting for RDH to give a more accurate timeframe for when this will happen.  The affected cars on P2 and P3 should be completely out of their spots on the day the shores go in. 

Residents affected by this additional shoring will be contacted in the coming days, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

P2 Stalls

351: not usable
349, 350, 352, 353, 354, 355: at least one post shore located on the parking stall line on one or both sides of the parking stall.  Stall will still be usable, but may be tight for opening doors. 

P3 Stalls

408: Not usable

P1 Level

P2 Level

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