Dear Residents and Tenants:

Please be advised that we will provide a brief update at the beginning of each month on the status of the exterior renovations. Apologies for the delay in this update.

Scaffolding work continues and will be the focus for the next three to four months. Scaffolding is being done in two phases:
   Phase 1: Front of Building and Alley – Now until Nov. 2020
   Phase 2: Drake St. and Homer St. – Nov. 2020 until Jan. 2021

Scaffolding on the front of the building is complete and “scaffnet” mesh has been installed. Demolition has commenced on the front elevation. This demolition work commenced at the top of the building and they are working their way down the building.

Due to the weight of the scaffolding, additional shoring had to be installed in the parkade levels to transfer the weight of the scaffolding down to the lowest level. This is common for major renovation projects, but we had hoped it would not be required.

Additionally, access at select units will be required as part of the ongoing litigation. This is separate from the renovation project but equally important.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Cam Carruthers at 604-648-4443 or by email to: cam.carruthers@fsresidential.com.

Your continued cooperation is appreciated.

Cam Carruthers
Regional Director
Per the Owners
Strata Plan VR 2540-2

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Your PP2 Residential Committee

PP2 President until June 2, 2022.

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