IMPORTANT! Last Call for A/C Vents

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Dear Owners,

Post-remediation installation of A/C wall vents will not be possible.

We are extending the previously posted deadline to MONDAY NOVEMBER 16 for owners to let us know if they want A/C vents installed as part of the building remediation project. Owners can choose to have a wall vent (similar to the one pictured here) installed to allow the venting of a portable air conditioner. This is a wonderful opportunity to have A/C venting that was not previously available to us.

Click here the to download the documents that were circulated by RDH Building Science with the details and an authorization form.

There will be a cost of approx. $2,000 per location (likely collected early in 2021). There will be no additional cost to owners who decline this offer.

We must receive your authorization and a copy of the drawing associated with your unit with the location circled (refer to the RDH Memo for instructions ) by TOMORROW, NOVEMBER 16, 2020.

These can be sent to Enrique ( or to Cam (

PLEASE NOTE: installation of this optional A/C wall vent will only be possible as part of the bulding remediation.


Post-remediation installation of A/C wall vents will not be possible.

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3 thoughts on “IMPORTANT! Last Call for A/C Vents”

  1. Is it possible to get a detailed breakdown of the price? It seems quite expensive. Is it the material or the work? Maybe inform the brand and model of the vent?


    1. This is an estimate of the cost to run the necessary ducting as well as install the vents both inside and outside. I have asked RDH for a more detailed breakdown of the cost and will post as soon as I receive one (I hope before the end of the day). Actual costs may well be lower.


      1. The $2,000 estimate is based on RDH’s experience on past projects of similar size and scope to the Pacific Point 2 rehabilitation.


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