Phase-1 Update (Nov. 8, 2020)

Under that striking blue wrap hides a flurry of activity. Though challenged by a few early hick-ups (like the need for additional shoring in the parkade), we are progressing pretty much as hoped. Phase-1 of the scaffolding is partial completed with erection now moving well up the lane side of the building.

Removal of the cladding started November 2nd on the lobby side of the building, starting from the top and moving gradually down to ground level. Then work reverses to replace windows and install the new cladding from the bottom up.

Owners are reminded that this Friday, November 13th, is the deadline to authorize the installation of Air Conditioning vents as part of the remediation. Please note that it will not be possible to install venting for portable A/C units after the new cladding has been installed. Owners who want to be able to vent air conditioners from their units must let us know by Friday the 13th.

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