Colours and windows

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Virtual Townhall on June 30th. We previously posted a partial list of answers from Guy’s notes, and we are working on getting answers to the rest of them, including some that came in afterwards.

Of interest to many of you was the chosen colour scheme and the style of windows. We chose colours that were as close as possible to existing (below).

Photo of cladding and accent colours.

Window appearance from the outside will also be very similar to existing. The biggest changes will be moving from aluminum to fibreglass and from sliding windows to awning windows. Unfortunately, current City of Vancouver building codes do not allow to retain our sliding style of windows. Again, we tried to maintain the existing look as much as possible, and fibreglass allows us to have larger window openings than with aluminum.

The most common window type (W01) is shown below as an example. Note that, on the side where the window does not open, we will have one large, unobstructed pane of glass from top to bottom.

Finally, we are arranging for samples to be on display in the lobby. Notices will be posted when available.

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