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  1. Have not received the link yet! I registered ages ago. Shouldnt it be out already? The AGM starts in 2.5…

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  1. My emails and calls to Cam Carruthers NEVER get a response… Is this website the only way to get a hold of our strata manager?

    Anyway, I just have a simple request, and it is that a window that was installed in my unit as part of the envelope renovation is malfunctioning (it does not roll in/close). Can I please have someone come and fix it? Thank you.


  2. Please note that you may communicate with the Strata Manager by emailing him at, or by sending an email to and making reference to VR2540-2 in the subject line. Alternatively you can contact the FirstService Residential Customer Care Centre at 1-855-273-1967 and they are available 24/7 to address any questions. If they do not know the answer, they will create a ticket and send to Cam Carruthers to respond.

    The PP2 community website is maintained by your volunteer strata council and not reviewed by Cam. If you need to contact him, please ensure you include your unit number.


  3. Is there a picture of what the screens will look like on the windows? I’m wondering why we need screens at all (I leave my windows open all the time and have never had a bug problem), and if we have the option to decline.


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